Right of Way Services

Our Services

Arbor Pro of Virginia has been consistently successful in the commercial tree care industry for 24 years and moved into ROW Maintenance operations 8 years ago with the expectation of growing our company in this industry. Our equipment package is continuously updated with the latest technological advancements and safety features available in the field of ROW maintenance. Most importantly, we have developed our equipment line and built our teams to be safe, versatile, and efficient to fully meet the expectations and scope of work of all ROW maintenance contracts written today. 

We possess the experience and equipment lineup to handle any task a contract would require from repairing a high-end lawn or natural area, to building linear parks (greenways and trails), to truly meeting the “ground to sky” requirement of ROW maintenance.

Side Trimming

Managing vegetation growth is a perpetual project and crucial to the continuous inspections of the ROW.

We are committed to maintaining ROWs to client specifications in order to allow proper aerial patrolling and monitoring of the easements.

Using non-chemical, mechanical methods, we can properly maintain all sorts of vegetation and overgrowth with minimal environmental impacts.

Bush Hogging

Year after year as vegetation grows further into the ROW and makes monitoring of the pipeline more difficult, we can come in and provide excellent side trimming services.

With an exceptional assortment of equipment, we have many safe and effective methods of side-trimming existing trees encroaching the ROW.

We have a crew of professional climbers who can trim trees of any height.


Over time some ROWs have been neglected or not properly maintained in the past.

This can cause excessive growth of trees and other vegetative overgrowths.

There are instances where one massive tree must be removed, and there are similar situations where 100s of smaller trees need to go.

We have a wide variety of equipment to ensure the removal of these problematic trees is safe and will leave both the landowner or the easement holder with a positive environmental outcome.