Safety Mission Statement

“Excellence Begins With Safety” serves as our safety mission statement. Arbor Pro of Virginia recognizes our employees as our most valuable asset.

It is our daily goal to provide them with the environment, knowledge, and mindset to achieve excellence in their safety performance. With these tools, our employees will end their workday as they started.


EMR Rating

Additional Program Safety Points

Arbor Pro of Virginia believes in our safety mission statement. You will quite often see and hear this mantra both in our company literature as well as at our jobsites. Below are some of the tools we use to instill in our employees the knowledge and skills to work safe.

  • In our new hire on-boarding process: all employees go through a rigorous training program before they are cleared to work on a client’s project. Focus is placed on equipment use, safety devices, equipment guards, and proper use of all tools.
  • Equipment pre-trip checklists are required to be used each time a piece of equipment is operated.
  • Safety communication is a tool we use in many ways. Safety tailgate meetings are used daily, when conditions change, and additional talks are warranted.
  • Near-Miss reporting is encouraged and used often to understand what could have happened and then what mitigation methods will be used to prevent a reoccurrence.
  • JSA’s (Job Safety Analysis) are used to understand all the potential hazards of a job, identifying these hazards ahead of time, and how mitigating those hazards is extremely valuable. Our JSA’s are ever evolving, each detailed and adjusted for every project we undertake.
  • We employ safety staff that is strictly tasked with the safety of our jobsites and our employees. These staff persons serve as our safety matter experts with one being an OSHA Authorized Trainer who leads our employees in OSHA 10 and 30 training.
  • Our new central warehouse and equipment yard also serves as our safety training facility using our state-of-the-art telecommunication equipment. This facility also serves as a classroom to share with our employees JSA topics, Near-Miss reports, industry safety bulletins, along with client published safety communications and TCIA Certification training.